Garten is the leading fruit and vegetable export company of Hungary

Fruit and Vegetable ExportGARTEN KFT was founded in 1991 with many years of experience of the owners in the industry. Initially the company was purely engaged in commercial activities, that is, they purchased on the basis of their personal connections in Hungary and exported to foreign countries. The purchase of their first own cold store in 1997 initiated the process, as a result of which GARTEN KFT processed the majority of vegetables and fruits to be exported already in four own, or rented cold storage facilities in 2007. The cold stores of about 8,000 square meters of space and the packaging machines, which are located in Hungary in four different but equally important production areas allow the delivery of up to 150 truckloads of export vegetables and fruits per week during peak periods.

Our fresh fruit and vegetable products are sold in almost 20 European countries in which the company supplies the leading supermarkets, wholesalers and food processing plants. This diverse market presence provides the basis for the production and organizational activities that unite hundreds of producers located in the surrounding of the cold storage facilities. The production is supported by market- and product-related information, in many cases also by financing and secured by the central GLOBALGAP.

By optimizing the number of its trading and administrative staff - 16 persons -, GARTEN KFT could achieve a fast response time in the remedy of problems and maintain its flexibility and cost efficiency.

Over 20 years of company development prove the truth of our motto: ”We seek to build strong and lasting business relations.”