Horseradish export
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15.4. - 15.6.


Horseradish - hajdúsági
Our first vegetable variety with a protected designation of origin. It has been developed with the selection of different local cultivars.


Horseradish - bagaméri
Its excellent solids (30-32%) and aroma content distinguishes it from its European competitors, so it is popular among the processors as a quality booster.

3 kg
5 kg
20 kg
I. 20 cm+
25 mm+
II. 20 cm+
20 mm+

The ridge planting technology applied in the Hajdúság ensures outstanding lengths and diameters (20 cm+, 25 mm+), so it is not only suitable as an industrial raw material, but also excellent for fresh consumption. Garten Kft has reached this market with its washed and individually foil-wrapped horseradish sorted by size. Our automatic shrinkwrappers and breathable films ensure a long shelf life and meet all requirements.

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