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Supersweet Corn

25.6. - 25.8.

Dessert 75

Supersweet Corn - Dessert 75
Dessert 75
Although, there are already supersweet corn varieties with a few days shorter growing season, this variety can be sold in all markets due to its size and appearance. The consistent yields have a minimum cob weight of 280 g and a cob thickness with 14 kernel rows.

Signet F1

Supersweet Corn - Signet F1
Signet F1
One of the best corn of the supersweet varieties, also in Hungary proven. Can be scheduled for early July. A hybrid with small kernels and very nice cob shape. It stands out with its 20-21 cm cob length and well-developed kernels at the cob end.

Sheba F1

Supersweet Corn - Sheba F1
Sheba F1
A mid-early variety proven for several years with golden yellow kernels, 20-21 cm cob length and a minimum thickness of 16 kernel rows. Very suitable for export sales from mid-July.

- 30 db/Plastic
- 30 db/Carton
- 1000 db/
280 - 400 g

Hungary is the largest sweet corn producer and exporter in Europe, ahead of France and Poland. The timing of harvest (late June - mid August) is well suited to meet the European demand in the barbecue season from mid- to late summer. By selecting the best producers and with careful preparation of goods, Garten Kft is the main supplier for sweet corn in the surrounding and the Scandinavian countries.

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