Chinese cabbage export
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20.3. - 31.5.
15.10. - 15.2.


Chinese cabbage - manoko
A medium-early ripening, bright green hybrid, not prone to bolting. Its oblong shaped wrapper leaves must be removed prior to packaging, so careful preparation is necessary.


Chinese cabbage - sumiko
Our earliest variety with firm structure and light green colour. The best established variety for export. Its excessively long wrapper leaves can be a problem without proper cleaning.

One kilo

Chinese cabbage - one kilo
One kilo
The most beautiful forced variety. It is small in stature, has a truly "barrel-shaped" form and dark green colour. Although this type of Chinese cabbage would meet Western European requirements best, it is less common because of its sensitivity to cold.


Chinese cabbage - yuki
Good storage properties for summer or autumn cultivation and winter storage. Their bright green colour is maintained during storage. Currently, there are no other varieties within the product range that would be better suited for winter storage.

8 kg/Carton
Wooden crate - 9/15 kg
750 g
1000 g
1250 g

This lettuce type has been exported for the longest period in Hungary; it stabilized its situation and its consumer circle on the European markets after years of decline in volume. After the deliveries from Spain, but prior to the northern European countries, April and May create sound opportunities for the new harvest, whereas the period from December to February is the export period of the stored Chinese cabbage. With its strictly consistent cleaning technology, Garten Kft has reached that its products can be found on the shelves of the most demanding chains.

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